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The Community

The Community

Together we are building a brave new church for a brave new world. Join the conversation and be a part of the community!

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A conversation between pastors and leaders on the challenges and opportunities of ministry in the 21st century

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Join in on an open, honest conversation about intergenerational ministry and the future of Faith Formation in the church

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A gathering place for conversations, friendships, and open spiritual questions with other young adults

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As the world becomes increasingly divided, this is a place to explore what it means to be church in this brave new world

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  • pastorss
    Mar 8, 2018

    Christ Kulpsville is planning an "emergent worship cross-gen educational hour" monthly - but of course making things participatory, multi-sensory and engaging takes preparation, creativity and imagination. We have some great ideas - but we also know that others do too, and hearing what others have done can be a great catalyst for reimagining the possibilities. What are your sources for inspiration? What resources have you found? Those of you who have given this a try - what wisdom have you gained through your experience?
  • eliseseyf
    Oct 23

    On Palm Sunday, we will conclude our first season of Cross+Gen ministry events here at Christ's Oreland. We have had six wonderful mornings together (one per month), with all ages participating. Cross+Gen was, from the beginning, supported by every other Sunday morning ministry in our church (Adult Bible Study class, CLC Cafe, Sunday School and Confirmation all attended our events and cancelled their own those days). While we still have traditional faith formation classes the other weeks, we have loved getting our feet wet with monthly Cross+Gen gatherings, and hope to increase their number next year. What have been highlights for us? One has been the open-hearted sharing around the tables of highs and lows, and then the reading aloud of the prayers written down by the "secretary" of each table. We pray for sick family and friends and pets. We celebrate new jobs and good grades on tests. We've learned so much about each other, and about ourselves, in these wonderful conversations. We decided to create our own videos and skits for these events, and it has been a blast. One of our planning team members is a gifted and imaginative "techie"; her short videos on the Bible story of the day, featuring adorable sock puppet characters, are really great. I write the skits, and am having a lot of fun; for example, "The Ten Commandments vs. The Greatest Commandment" was written as a game show ("Celebrity Showdown") with Team Moses and his 10 team members facing off against Team Jesus, going solo. Our music is both selected and led by a talented pair of youth: a high school senior is song leader, and a 7th grader accompanies on guitar. We conclude every gathering by singing our "theme song" ("Together, Tomorrow" by Tom Chapin). We always include a short service project as part of our time together. Things that have worked well have included making care packages for Welcome Church, and making cards for sailors at Seamen's Church Institute. The adults enjoy working with even the youngest kids on these projects. Going forward, there will be tweaking done for sure, and we anticipate some bumps in the road. But so far, Cross+Gen ministry has been a true blessing for our church family. Definitely an idea whose time has come!! --Elise Seyfried, Christ's Oreland
  • bburke
    Sep 23

    Have you seen decline in your congregation’s Sunday School, Youth Ministry, or Faith Formation ministries? Do you wonder why your families don’t prioritize church over other activities, or don’t seem to know the Bible stories like they used to? Ministry and faith formation for a brave new world will look very different than it did in the 20th century. Old models such as age-segmented Sunday School classes are a thing of the past. Programs that start with the answers we want students to learn - rather than the questions they are already asking - will not shape faith for a changing world. But if the models we grew up with and know won't work...then what will? Join us as we embark on a journey together to explore just what God might be up too when we bring together the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child in the same sacred space - and discover the miracles God works in us through relationship.